Latest Results of the High Point Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative

Last week, NC Network for Safe Communities presented along with the High Point Police Department at the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference. The latest evaluation results of the effort are very promising. At the two year mark since implementation of the initiative, domestic violence offenders who have been notified have a 9% recidivism as measured by repeat arrest for a domestic violence-related crime. Also, domestic-related arrests , domestic assaults with injury, and intimate partner domestic calls for service have all  decreased significantly since implementation.

The findings support that domestic violence offender behavior can be changed by stripping their anonymity and putting them on notice, creating swift, certain, and predictable consequences for offending, and allowing them to make a rational choice to stop domestic violence offending behavior. Further, this can be achieved all without any additional harm to victims and leading to a huge savings in terms of law enforcement resources and without reliance on traditional responses to domestic offenders (i.e., incarceration, treatment programs, anger management, etc.).

Please click the link below for a full copy of the presentation.

NCCADV 2014 Conference Presentation