• Helping Keep Our Communities Safe

    Helping Keep Our Communities Safe

    One neighborhood at a time

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a statewide training and technical assistance provider, research partner, and information exchange resource for law enforcement, community, and resource providers who are involved in focused deterrence violent crime reduction strategies in North Carolina. Through the application of our partnership and our collaboration, we will strive to make communities across North Carolina safer. Our goals through the Network are to share best practices and contribute to the growing body of evidence-based practices in crime and violence reduction through focused deterrence strategies.

As a member of the National Network for Safe Communities, the State of North Carolina shares in the belief that successful innovations can deal with crime problems in a fundamentally different way. Working closely with the United States Attorney’s Office in the Middle, Western, and Eastern federal judicial districts, The North Carolina Network for Safe Communities brings together jurisdictions around the State that are currently implementing focused deterrence strategies to help them learn from one another; address common issues; and provide support to new jurisdictions. The North Carolina Network for Safe Communities has organized the North Carolina Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) Network, a statewide network for community resource providers to share information and exchange ideas concerning focused deterrence work in North Carolina. We meet quarterly to discuss, share, and document best practices.