North Carolina Network for Safe Communities and its partners

We work with law enforcement partners, resource providers, and community members in sites throughout North Carolina in an effort to reduce violent crime through focused deterrence.Partners To be successful, a site must have commitment from all of these partners to work together toward the common goal of violence reduction. We play a vital role in educating these partners on focused deterrence theory and providing training and technical assistance to partners to effectively implement the strategy and sustain it over time. Sites must continually monitor their violent crime as often the strategy must be adapted over time to address the current crime dynamic or meet changing needs within the site. A consistent, committed partnership is key to achieving the greatest violence reduction success and sustaining the strategy.

North Carolina Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) Network

We have convened resource partners from across the state to form the North Carolina Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) Network which meets quarterly with the mission to share best practices among resource coordinators doing focused deterrence work in NC. For more information, visit the North Carolina Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) Network page. We will update the page regularly with dates for future meetings and products of those meetings.

Fayetteville Police Department’s Educating Kids about Gun Violence (EKG) Program

We are thrilled to be the research partner for the Fayetteville Police Department’s Educating Kids about Gun Violence (EKG) program. The EKG program is taught by Fayetteville Police officers to students in 7th and 9th grades at Cumberland County Schools. The program consists of a scenario-based video demonstrating decisions that our youth face in today’s society about guns, gangs, and the impact of those decisions. In addition to the video, students are asked to complete a critical thinking writing assignment which is then used as a starting point for discussion for the class. The NC Network for Safe Communities team is responsible for designing evaluation measures and analysis of program outcomes including changes in participants’ attitudes and intended behaviors toward guns, gangs, and healthy decision-making. For more information about the EKG program, please contact Lisa Jayne, the Operation Ceasefire Coordinator for the Fayetteville Police Department at and tell her we sent ya!