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Article in Governing Magazine highlights Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative’s success in High Point

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The NCNSC team was interviewed by reporter, John Buntin, of Governing Magazine about the Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative in High Point.  The article, published in March 2016, highlights High Point’s success in reducing domestic violence offenses and recidivism through the focused deterrence strategy. Additionally, Lexington, NC has replicated the strategy and experienced success in combating the problem of intimate partner domestic violence. NCNSC’s John Weil was quoted in the article about the mindset needed for other agencies to replicate the initiative:  “The operational piece of this is very complex and requires quite a bit of commitment and attention to […]

What Do We Know about Notified Offenders in High Point’s Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative? Interim Data Report Available

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An interim analysis of domestic violence offenders who have been notified through the High Point Police Department’s focused deterrence initiative reveals that we know quite a bit how well the strategy is working in reducing domestic violence recidivism and with what types of offenders. First of all, in general, the strategy of notifying domestic violence offenders that the police department now has a new way of dealing with domestic violence and is taking domestic violence crimes seriously works to deter future domestic violence recidivism. The notification message goes onto to say that we [the police department] know who you are […]

Fayetteville PSN Partner Gets Positive Press

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Our partners in Fayetteville have gotten positive press about what they are doing to help ex-felons get a positive start. Mr. Tommy Kinlaw, a community member and partner with Fayetteville Police Department in their PSN (Operation Ceasefire) focused deterrence efforts, was recently featured in an article in the Fayetteville Observer. According to the article, “Kinlaw has become the face of recent community efforts to better transition services for former offenders looking to re-enter society”. Kinlaw runs a grocery store and believes that the community must step up and give ex-offenders a chance to get on their feet– and that is […]

Statesville/Iredell County Holds First Domestic Violence Call-In

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Our partners in Statesville/Iredell Couty held their first-ever call-in for domestic violence offenders on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. According to Capt. Dan Miglin of the Statesville Police Department, there were some 2,832 cases of domestic violence investigated in Iredell County in 2013. Statesville/Iredell modeled their initiative after High Point’s Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative. The North Carolina Network for Safe Communities has been in partnership with the High Point Police Department since the planning stages of their domestic violence strategy and been in partnership with Statesville/Iredell since 2009 in assisting them with implementation of their initial focused deterrence strategy to […]

NC Is Taking Domestic Violence Seriously

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Sites throughout NC are taking a closer look at how to take domestic violence more seriously from a legal standpoint. Lexington is replicating High Point’s Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative and they began C- and D-list offender notifications on July 1, 2014. Thus far, 83 domestic violence offenders have been notified by the Lexington Police Department that the violence will no longer be tolerated. Offenders are told that they are now on a watch list for domestic violence offenders and that future offending will be met with swift, severe, and certain consequences. From now on the Police Department will focus […]

Five Things About Deterrence reported in USAO Middle District Newsletter

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The September 2014 edition of the Middle District of NC’s newsletter from the United States Attorney’s Office includes an article which summarizes the latest evidence regarding how deterrence works to prevent crime. The article takes the following points from Daniel Nagin’s work, all of which lend support to the focused deterrence strategy as an effective way to deter violent crime: 1) The certainty of being caught is a vastly more powerful deterrent than the punishment. 2) Sending an offender to prison isn’t a very effective way to deter crime. 3) Police deter crime by increasing the perception that criminals will […]