Implementation Guide

The following resources are helpful for sites who are preparing to implement focused deterrence work and those who have been implementing for some time. Some of the resources are geared more toward law enforcement, while others are directed toward community and resource providers. Where possible, we are including guides for implementing all iterations of the focused deterrence strategy, including gang/group, chronic offender, and drug market initiative (DMI). Oftentimes, implementation is similar across the three initiatives. However, there are nuances across the three that must be taken into consideration during implementation. 

The implementation manual for the gang/group model of focused deterrence developed for use in North Carolina Safe Communities sites:

NCSC T&TA training manual.CYFCP.May 2011

A PSN practitioner brief on site and resource coordination.

Practitioner Brief: Site and Resource Coordination

A PSN practitioner guide on building the law enforcement-community task force in a site.

Practitioner Brief: Building the Law Enforcement- Community Task Force


Promoting Community Involvement

The following resources are geared toward educating the community on the focused deterrence strategy and increasing their involvement.

A PSN guide with strategies for building community involvement.

PSN What Community Groups Can Do

An overview PPT that can be used to educate communities on what focused deterrence is. Based on the original North Carolina Safe Communities (NCSC) framework, but can be tweaked for use in your site.

North Carolina Safe Communities Overview Sept. 2011


Law Enforcement Implementation and Processes

The following resources are geared toward the law enforcement side of implementing the focused deterrence strategy.

A PSN practitioner brief on launching the violent incident review.

Practitioner Brief: Launching the Violent Incident Review

A PSN guide to help sites with criteria for selecting which offenders to call-in to hear the notification message.

PSN Selecting Offenders to Hear the Notification Message

Criteria in MDNC sites that must be met by offenders who are being called in to hear the notification message.

MDNC Site Criteria

A COPS guide to help with organizing a crackdown or demonstration group.

COPS Crackdown Guide