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NC Sites Doing Focused Deterrence Work

NC Sites Doing Focused Deterrence Work

The North Carolina Network for Safe Communities (NCNSC) has facilitated a North Carolina Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) Network, a statewide network for community resource providers to share information and exchange ideas concerning focused deterrence work in North Carolina. The group meets quarterly and includes resource coordinators from sites across the state and representing all three federal judicial districts.

The goals of the CRC Network are to share best practices in the field, provide a forum for easy and accessible information sharing, and to support others who are currently working in this field. Meetings and a blog site are a couple of mechanisms we use to accomplish these goals. Most of the community resource and service providers are engaged in sites operating under the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) monicker. PSN is a nationwide commitment to reduce gun and gang crime in America by networking existing local programs that target gun and gun crime and providing these programs with additional tools necessary to be successful. Given PSN’s organization at the federal level, NC CRC Network is organized into NC’s three federal judicial districts: the Western District, the Middle District, and the Eastern District.

North Carolina is one of only a few states implementing focused deterrence at a statewide level. Therefore, the knowledge and information base within the state is vast. As such, NCNSC acknowledges the importance of convening site partners to share best practices and serves to capture best practices and lessons learned from the Network. NCNSC is writing up the latest best practice brief from the August 2014 CRC Network meeting which pertains to community engagement/participation in law enforcement partnerships. The final brief will be uploaded soon to this website.