High Point’s Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative Showing Positive Results

An article in the Blue Ridge Times was published which highlights the NC Network’s evaluation and expertise about the Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative in High Point, NC. Henderson, NC among other sites across the state and country are eager to learn more about the strategy and its potential success in reducing domestic violence recidivism. Last week, the NC Network’s John Weil and Stacy Sechrist presented along with Chief Kepley, Captain Rummage, and Lt. Carter from Lexington (NC) Police Department about the strategy as it is being implemented there. The presentation took place at the 3rd Innovations in Domestic and Sexual Violence Research and Practice Conference which was hosted by the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness at the University of NC at Greensboro.

In Lexington, notified offender recidivism rates are averaging about 8.8% across notification types since the initiative began in July 2014. In addition to lowering recidivism rates for intimate partner domestic violence, the strategy has worked to bring together professionals across disciplines who are working with domestic violence offenders, victims, and families across systems to collaborate on solving problems and alleviating barriers that generally exist in dealing with domestic violence. The system is now coming together to address domestic violence offenders in novel ways to demonstrate the partnership’s commitment to swift, certain, and severe consequences for domestic violence offenses. Lt. Carter who works daily in the operations of the strategy in Lexington was able to share real-world experiences and examples of  how the system has changed and worked together to show domestic violence offenders a new approach that they have not seen before. The offenders are getting the message that Lexington Police Department and its partners are taking domestic violence very seriously. And, victims are reaping the benefits.

For a copy of the presentation in partnership with the Lexington Police Department, please click Innovations 2015 Conference Presentation NCNSC and LPD.