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Fayetteville PSN Partner Gets Positive Press

Our partners in Fayetteville have gotten positive press about what they are doing to help ex-felons get a positive start. Mr. Tommy Kinlaw, a community member and partner with Fayetteville Police Department in their PSN (Operation Ceasefire) focused deterrence efforts, was recently featured in an article in the Fayetteville Observer. According to the article, “Kinlaw has become the face of recent community efforts to better transition services for former offenders looking to re-enter society”. Kinlaw runs a grocery store and believes that the community must step up and give ex-offenders a chance to get on their feet– and that is exactly what Kinlaw does. He has been known to hire ex-offenders on the spot, giving them the opportunity to go to work when many potential employers would turn them away. Kinlaw admits that he does not know exactly how many ex-offenders work for him, but he thinks maybe about half a dozen and he does not really delve into their criminal past. For Kinlaw, each new hire gets a clean slate.

The article goes onto to describe Kinlaw’s upbringing and experience and showcases some examples of the lives he has been able to change through his worldview and willingness to give folks a chance. The full article is available here.

Mr. Kinlaw will also be speaking at the upcoming PSN conference which will be hosted in Fayetteville May 5 & 6. For more information about the conference and how to register, please click: PSN 2015 Conference flier