Drug Market Initiative

In High Point, NC in 2004, the drug market initiative (DMI), often referred to as the “High Point Model”, was implemented and worked to completely shut down targeted open air drug markets seemingly overnight. Since then, similar drug market initiatives have succeeded in locales nationwide.

How it works

Using a focused deterrence strategy characterized by law enforcement and community partnerships, a clear message is delivered to selected drug dealers that the dealing has to stop. the most violent dealers are arrested prior to the call-in and they serve as an example to notify offenders. Cases are banked against non-violent offenders and during notifications, it is made clear that the community cares for the offenders, but rejects their conducts. Resources are available for those who want them and continued drug dealing will result in the activation of banked cases against offenders.


Nontraditional enforcement methods to combat drug markets have historically taken a heavy toll on police-community relations. But, the new focused approach of notifying the small number of dealers who drive overt drug markets  has been able to nearly eliminate this type of markets with low level of arrest and prosecution, helping to rebuild community-police relations.