Fayetteville in the Eastern District of NC receives 2014 PSN grant

We are very happy to announce that the Fayetteville Police Department, with coordinator Lisa Jayne, have received PSN grant funding which will focus on violent crime reduction in the Bonnie Doone area of the City. NCNSC will serve as the research partner for that grant.

In partnership with the PD, the United States Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, community members, and resource providers, a plan will be developed to focus law enforcement and social service resources on the most violent and prolific offenders in the area. NCNSC will conduct a group audit and incident review for the Bonnie Doone area and produce a report which will overview the crime dynamics currently driving violence in the area. The report will provide a foundation from which the strategy can be formulated. Fayetteville PD will use part of the grant funds for surveillance cameras to be installed in the area and to facilitate community events in the area.

We are very enthusiastic about working with the Fayetteville Police Department and other partners on this initiative and we send a big congratulations to the team!