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PSN Notification Dates

Below are the PSN Notification Dates for the upcoming year:

February 18, 2014          High Point

February 27, 2014          Winston-Salem

March 27, 2014               Greensboro

May 06, 2014                   High Point

May 08, 2014                   Asheville

July 17, 2014                    Greensboro

July 31, 2014                    Winston-Salem

August 12, 2014              High Point

October 30, 2014            Winston-Salem

November 13, 2014        Greensboro

December 02, 2014        High Point

Click to download the Greensboro Police Department 2014 Call-ins

Homeless Services Power Point

We had a great CRC meeting last week with guest speaker Emily Carmody, LCSW at North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness.  There is great information within these slides and Emily’s contact information is at the end if you want further information.

Homeless Services

Cheers everyone!

Save the Date – Sustaining Services in Tight Times

Happy New Year everyone!

Save the date!!! Here is an informational opportunity for us to attend:

Sustaining Services in Tight Times – Saving Dollars, Saving Lives.  This is a May Conference – Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at the William Friday Center in Chapel Hill. The address is 100 Friday Center Drive, Chapel Hill NC.  Please plan to attend if you can.

As more information comes, I’ll post it here!

Have a great week!

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